Design-Roadmap Your Physical Product Idea

Define your physical product concept, validate your physical product idea, and set the stage for full design development.
"… without Jay the project would have never come to life…"
Jason Carignan – Miravante LLC CEO & Founder

Define the problem your physical product will solve.

Online Market Research and Analysis.

Data-driven Industrial Design Development Plan

Why Roadmap?

Roadmapping helps answer the important questions about your physical product idea before investing the time and capital to develop the product:
What is the key value proposition? Who is the core customer? What do you need, at minimum, to take the product to market?
Through the roadmapping process, we identify every opportunity, discover your physical products assumed minimum viable product and build you a roadmap to make sure that when you and me head into Industrial Design and product development, we're ready. We will discuss and discover various ways to get your product to market from crowdfunding to more traditional methods such as seeking investors or bank loans
Put simply, we do this because it de-risks your investment. Creating a physical product is an expensive, time-consuming process that can easily eat through hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of your life.
If you’re going to build something, you need to know that it’ll work.
Roadmapping helps you be sure of your product and your process before diving into development —and it prepares you to develop as quickly, efficiently, and effectively as possible.
My Roadmapping process can be a a few hours to weeks depending on the complexity of the project, where I dive deep into the concept of your invention idea, so I can understand and find out what the minimum viable product is.
The following stage is to find an appropriate profitable solution that solves the core problems while staying lean, and prepare you with everything you need to develop your product the right away

Discover your physical products minimum viable product

Discover what is required at minimum to launch your product.

Concrete understanding on what we're are building

Roadmapping Process

Discovery Call

The discovery call allows you and I to discuss your physical product idea and how they are aligned with your business goals.

Intake Questionnaire.

The discovery call allows you and I to discuss your physical product idea and how they are aligned with your business goals.

Physical Product idea Questionnaire "Explain what this is and why it's required"

I'll then dive deep into analysing the data(information) you have provided on your physical product idea and your business goals that you want to achieve and see what data we can discover to back this.

Further information will be accumulated to begin the processes of delivering you our design-road mapping deliverables.

Roadmap Deliverables

Discuss and discover your business Mission Statement

Design Brief Design Problem Design Solution

Existing/Similar Product Research/Analysis (Existing Product-Market Research)

Discover and assign an assumed minimum viable product

Initial Product Design Specification

Estimate manufacturing costs (How do I do this?)

Design-Roadmap Previous Client Deliverables PDF

Here are SOME the deliverables discovered and created for a previous Client of ours download the pdf here


We will commit to communicate with you using various technologies such as VoIP, email, instant messaging through application such as skype or whatsapp. However, we don’t believe email is the best form of communication for every type of information so we may message you to setup a 1 to 1 call or send you audio messages instead.

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